The Kingdom of Thailand is hosting its second edition of the Air Race 1, also referred to as “Formula 1 Air Racing”.

The competition will be held from 17 to 19 November 2017 at the airport U-Tapao (45 km from Pattaya). Previously, U-Tapao was exclusively a military airfield, but now serves charter flights from Russia and China.

Racing in the class 1 Air Race World Cup Thailand 2017 held specially constructed for single-engine airplanes competitions. Initially the league started in the US but is now on the list of “air Formula 1” drivers, there are representatives of other countries.

 Air Race 1 is a race. Participants do not pass the track for speed and compete with each other on an oval length of five kilometers at a minimum height above the ground. In each “race” at the same time involved eight aircraft. In flight, they reach the speed of 450 km / h.

Competitions Air Race 1 in Pattaya – a part of the activities of the International Show of fleets, which will last from 13 to 22 November and will also include marine parade, performances of military bands, regatta and more.

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