In 2010, two pizzas cost 10,000 bitcoins, it would be $ 20 million today!

On Monday, May 22, Bitcoin Pizza Day was celebrated – the day when, seven years ago, American webmaster Laszlo Hanyecz made the first purchase with bitcoins, the digital currency.

In 2010, an American webmaster bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins, which today are worth over $ 20 million, or 17.7 million. He probably should have saved it but he preferred to spend it. And for lovers of the bitcoin, this day has marked history. Since then, each “Bitcoin Pizza Day” is an opportunity to calculate the evolution and growth of crypto-currency.


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The value of the bitcoin has risen astronomically since 2010. On Tuesday morning, it traded for about $ 2,128. But its record value was reached Monday, the day of “Bitcoin Pizza Day”, where it reached 2,245 dollars, according to the specialized website CoinDesk. Basically, a bitcoin would today buy a hundred pizzas at $ 20 each.

In 2010, no one wanted bitcoins

When Laszlo Hanyecz tried to buy his two large pizzas, nobody wanted his bitcoins. Even if 10,000 bitcoins were worth about $ 40 at the time, no shop or restaurant would accept to take them. Totally helpless, he posted this message on the Bitcoin Talk website: “I’ll pay 10,000 bitcoins for pizzas, two big pizzas, so I’ll have the rest for the next day. Later you can even make the pizza yourself and bring it to me, or ask a delivery company, but what I would like is a food delivery in exchange for bitcoins. ”

He ended up having his two pizzas. And so he made history.


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