One year ago, a secret construction was happening on Hanoi’s historic metallic element Hien street, that after completed would forthwith modification the face of Hanoi’s nightlife forever.Z

Ta Hien may be a short slender route filled with aspect by aspect very little search fronts, legendary to travelers and locals alike because the place to travel for beers and folks lookingnear Hoan Kiem lake; the center of previousquarter, metallic element Hien street is additionally the center of Hanoi’s nightlife.

At night businesses hawking food and drink flood the road from either aspect with customers incommodious along on low plastic stools, filling the avenue virtually to the center so you’ll solely traverse from finish to finish by walking Indian file associate degree exceedingly|in a very} zig-zagging motion – an picture and unmissable a part of the capital of Vietnam expertisehowever on the far side that there’s nothing distinctive concerning this street, it’s tiny and therefore the design is French colonial… rather like all the opposite labyrinthine streets of Hanoi’s previous quarter.

Rumors of a wholly new cabaret idea were scoffed at, locals thought it might feel entirely out of place in metallic element Hien’s charmingly all the way down to earth previous Vietnam voguehowever may it’s attainable once the road is thus tiny and therefore the buildings area unit thus slender and short? wherever would a cabaret fit?

Quan animal product Theatre was the solution. Somehow one amongst these little business fronts was truly associate entrance and activity behind it absolutely was an enormous area. associate nearly forgotten theatre that was engineered at the beginning of the twentieth century, it had antecedently been a notable area for cultural performances, music and dramatic shows. However, ordered wars of independence a warfare and a documented yank war, followed by decades of tight gripped Communist management petrified of the hazardously subversive power of the humanities meant the theatre became closed up, abandoned, and ramshackle.

Now reopened with a replacement energy and named 1900 (subtitled “Le Theatre” to pay tribute to the memory of its former glory) from the skin it blends with the remainder of the road with good subtlety. but within the décor may be a intoxicating mixture of designs and themes, with history and art being the most influencers. 1st paying respect to its location, the fixtures mimic the enduring details of the historic recent quarter streets outside. Steel frame girders, the image of those found everywhere Hanoi’s streets, square measure apparently a part of the structure, old-school public address speakers and street signs adorn them. Wall art starting from Vietnamese ancient portraits to communist information and fashionable abstract street art offer the place eclectic splashes of color. on the far side the hall the venue opens dead set the jangly former theatre more within. Gone square measure the seats and also the stage and also the solely lingering reminder of the wendy house that after was gift square measure the significant velvet stage curtains, running down from the laughably high ceiling, funneling your vision towards the ambo stage. There stands a raised central platform for DJs to perform on, with 360 access all around. once the venue is packed, the DJ appears raised up and enclosed within the middle of a baying crowd.


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